Dough Bowl Tochi Mini Black 9" x 6" Home Decor Rustic Decor Wood Bowl Candle Ready Bowl Dough Bowl Candle Vintage

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Dough Bowl Tochi Mini  Black 9" x 6" 


Materials: wood.
Height: 9 inches.
Width: 6 inches.

Shipping processing time: 3-5 business days.

Beautiful black mini tochi bowl made of pine wood with a rustic wax finish is ideal for decorating your home.

Our mini tochi bowl is made by hand, you could use it to place it anywhere you want thanks to the fact that the bowl does not take up much space since it has a measure of 9 "x 6" inches, you can use it to place your car keys , your home or office, you can use it to place wax since our bowls do not have perforations.

Its wax finish also protects it from moisture wear and will help it retain its color!

Our bowls are made by hand, they are made of pine wood
*Dough bowls ideal for home display.

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