Dough Bowl Fish Waxed 13" x 11" Home Decor Rustic Decor Wood Bowl Candle Ready Bowl Dough Bowl Candle Vintage

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Fish Dough Bowl Waxed 13” x 11”


Materials: wood.
Height: 13 inches.
Width: 11 inches.

Beautiful fish-shaped bowl ideal to decorate your home or to give as a nice gift to those who are passionate about fishing.

Our fish bowl could become one of your favorites since it is handmade with a brown color and a wax finish giving it an excellent rustic touch, it measures 13" x 11" inches.

You can use it to place it in any space in your home or you could use it as a container to place keys or wax and turn it into a beautiful wax bowl.

Its wax finish also protects it from moisture wear and will help it retain its color!

Our bowls are made by hand, they are made of pine wood
*Dough bowls ideal for home display.

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